::: Disonancias


An international "Art for Innovation" project in San Sebastian, Spain.
The project seeks to promote diversification in regards to the process of innovation
inside Research Labs and R & D units based on the potential experience
and exchange generated by the relationship with artists.

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::: Chris Colls



Web Presence for Sydney based Fashion Photographer Chris Colls.

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::: UNESCO - DigiArts


eLearning Platform for the UNESCO - DigiArts project which is organizing a cycle of online courses
aimed at encouraging the exchange of knowledge and information in the arts and new technologies.
These are free of charge, open to all and intended for artists, scientists, experts and professionals
wishing to keep abreast of the latest ideas, concepts and techniques in this area.

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::: Seven Words


Seven Words is a participative New Media installation at the Mumi Bar in Stuttgart, Germany.
Visitors can send a word to a video projection via their mobile phone which will be appended
to the existing list of words. Only the last seven words are visible at a time. At the end
of the night a text will remain that has been authored by all participating visitors.


::: ZKM - pano.abstractions


The pano.abstractions is an Interactive Max/MSP Interface for the 360 degree panorama screen
at the ZKM, Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.


::: City Veins


City Veins is a Media Art installation which is based on the trackability of individuals.

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::: Azita Cruiser
d e

A telepresence project where an internet user can drive a real radio controled car trough the
Azita fashion store. The rc car is equipped with a camera that streams a live video image to a
web site, which alows the user to explore the real Azita store space from the virtual World
using a web browser.

::: Wave Pilllow


The Wave Pillow is for Surfers who ride waves in the ocean.
It is a pillow that vibrates depending on how big the waves are.

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::: Meyou Mirror


The Meyou Mirror is a Mirror that shows it's viewer random snipets of his past.


::: Them and Us


there hi

An early audio-visual online work that still feels nice.

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::: Suebo t-Shirts


Suebo t-Shirts available now thanks to CafePress.

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::: Radio Suebo


An Independent Radio Project currently in Beta mode.

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