City Veins

- Reflection on Urban Interaction

City Veins intends to represent the relationship between the people and their city and the way citizens define their place by interacting with it in their everyday life.

Urban landscapes are constructed not only by their architecture or history but also by the interaction of their inhabitants. Therefore, those for other people mostly invisible interactions actually form the true face and atmosphere of an urban environment.

It's the objective of City Veins to represent those interactions in an Audio/Visual form of usually invisible tracks. Tracks that are created everyday by people simply walking or driving, simultaneously creating a unique atmosphere and vibe in their city.

City Veins intends to put the user in relation with the tracked urban individuals by alowing him to create a participative Verostko like Plotter piece based part on the users interactions and part on the tracks created by the people.

Plotter Piece

The Tracks

The Overview

Tracked People


20 People were tracked throughout their everyday life in Barcelona, Spain. Afterwards the tracks were represented in an Audio installation with a Visual interface that let's the user select and listen to the diffrent Tracks. Each track creates it's unique Sound Scape depending on the location and movement of the person. Additionally it acts as a tool for the user to create an individual Plotter Piece by browsing and choosing it's favourite track constellation.

You can listen to the Audio part of the installation by visiting the modified online version at:

City Veins was mentord by Claudia Gianetti and Eugenio Tisselli from Media Centre of Art and Design in Barcelona, Spain.

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